Manline Fees

Individual Counselling 

We would never turn you away because you cannot afford to come.

There is no set fee for individual counselling.  While we suggest $30 per session,  it depends on what you can afford to pay... so we will accept koha based on what you are able to contribute, even if it is a gold coin.

Anger Management and Non-Violence Programmes

If the Family Court or Domestic Violence Court have referred you for counselling, then they pay for the specific program. Our obligation to the court  is that we are required to tell the Judge about your progress, absence and willingness to change.

If you are coming to us for anger management or non-violence programs by your own choice,  there is a fee for this based on what you can afford. This program may be in a group with other men or one on one,  and the cost will depend on what you require. You can talk to us about how this works.

De-escalation Training for Organisations

Manline can also offer training to organisations or employers on handling confrontation in the workplace, especially between clients and staff. This course is tailored to the Employers specific needs, but deals with safe ways of calming people down to avoid threatening behaviour and language. The fee varies depending on content, depth and size of groups
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