What We Do...

Manline services are unique in that we are the only "men helping men" organisation  in the Manawatu and Tararua  region offering services for men to explore issues within their lives.  We work with men aged 13 years and older.

Our services are available to men from all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. We promote non-violent lifestyle for men who wish to change how they live their lives. Our programs are designed to be educational, developmental, rehabilitative and preventative. 

Confidentiality Statement 
Your contact from our website is Private and Confidential

Services Available:
  •     Office hours: Weekdays 9.00am till 4.30pm
  •    Limited  Saturday and after hours appointments available
  •     Counselling
  •     Men's therapy and self change groups
  •     Men's stopping violence group
  •     Men's anger management group
  •     Listening and communicating skills group
  •     Collaborative courses and events 
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