Individual Counselling

One on One Counselling 

 Manline provides individual counselling for men who are  feeling unable to cope in their current situation. Often men  find one on one counselling a more comfortable option. 

 A listening ear is offered no matter what difficulty you are  faced with, which could include:
  • Relationships 
  • Being a Father 
  • Loneliness 
  • Anger and violence 
  • Separation and divorce 
  • Being hurt - physically, sexually or emotionally 
  • Being a victim of violence 
  • Work stress
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Sexual  and gender identity
  • Sexual Abuse
 The First Session

 We explain to you the process of counselling -what it is and what it 
 is not.  We explain the boundaries around confidentiality, privacy  and your rights. We also talk about the various payment options  available. Usually, you work with just one counsellor.

We will  listen to your story, asking questions to get a bigger picture of  your life and the issues you are wrestling with. We get some basic  information about you, and discuss the options  the counsellor believes you  have. 

 You can then decide if you are ready to continue with counselling.  
 If you do decide to continue, you and your counsellor agree to a  counselling plan. This plan includes things like how often you might  meet, how much you can afford to pay and the options available if  cost is a barrier.

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